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CERGE-EI project


The project “Electoral Behavior. An experimental approach from the laboratory and the field of Romanian local and general elections” is funded by the CERGE Foundation in Prague. It is an one year project and it is implemented between January 1st and December 31st  2012. The project is designed to be complementary to the project VRSB, contributing to the study of some of the effects that some voting rules like alternative voting, plurality or proportional voting have on the behaviour of the voters. The project concentrates on strategic voting and uses the Romanian context and the advantages of field and laboratory experiments to study these effects.



Professor Adrian MIROIU – Principal Researcher

PhD. Candidate Andra Maria ROESCU – Principal Researcher



The following activities have been undertaken up to this moment:

-designing and implementing a lab experiments for the High School pupils in Bucharest

-designing and implementing a pilot field study during the Romanian local elections in June 2012

-designing and implementing a field experiment during the Romanian general elections in December 2012

-designing and implementing an on-line research regarding the impact of different voting rules on the behaviour of the actors



The results from the project will be available soon.

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